Thursday, February 15, 2007

Introduction and Prologue

"In the beginning was the Word...." - John 1:1

Hello kindly reader. This post will serve, not surprisingly, as the introduction of your humble narrator/raconteur and as the mission statement for this blog.

I love literature and I love film. Whenever I find out that a film I want to see is adapted from a book, I try to read the book before seeing the film. In so doing, I come away from the film with a good amount of "compare and contrast"-type observations that no one in particular is interested in hearing. So, like the thousands of other people with opinions that no one cares about, I've decided to pour my thoughts into a blog.

At least once a month, I hope to read a book and watch its film adaptation. I will then post my highly opinionated assessment to this space. For a work with multiple editions and/or several different filmings, Frankenstein serves as an example for both cases, I will choose which textual and cinematic versions to compare. In true postmodern style, there will be no distinction made here between canonically justified classics of literature and rancid pieces of pulp fiction; if it's both a written work and a movie, it's eligible for review here. Essays will be written in a vein similar to this post: meandering but (hopefully) intelligent and intelligible. No apology will be made for off-topic personal asides. Breaks in the text/film cycle will be announced as interludes.

The above-mentioned guidelines will be broken by the author of this blog if and when he sees fit.

I'm looking to kick things off within the next week with a look at Short Cuts (Raymond Carver vs. Robert Altman). I've just finished the stories and am now waiting on the Criterion Collection DVD to arrive.

In the meantime, in the words of The Tick's nemesis Handy:




Auf wiederlesen und -sehen!

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